The CALP Rules & Regulations

The committee, perhaps together with a group of other literary experts, will carefully formulate appropriate rules and regulations which would govern the affairs of The Chinua Achebe Literary Prize (The CALP), ranging from how to utilize the institution’s treasury, to the expansion of The CALP committee membership, if need be, to setting down guidelines for participating in each category of the established literary competitions and the awards therefrom, to organizing events as CALP Academic Conferences, CALP Festival of Arts, CALP Public Events, CALP Inspirational initiative(s), Teacher Summit, and suchlike activities of the institution going forward. Except for the internal/private ones, such rules and regulations will be made known to the public via “The CALP Rules and Regulations” section here, as well as the “Press” section on this website. Other avenues as ANA website and the national and international press mediums will all be deployed in disseminating the information, with adequate modifications made to the rules and regulations from time to time.