CALP Festival of Arts

CALP Festival of Arts will be organized in a way that the essential focus would be arts fair – that is, many different kinds of arts (novels, poems, plays, song performances, poetry performances, play acting, dances, drummers, paintings, guitar performances, flute playing, calabash performances, and a whole lot more of traditional arts from different cultures and peoples) and artists and patrons of arts will be encouraged to come and participate in the festival. As Achebe himself wittingly put it: “Let every people bring their gifts to the great festival of the world’s cultural harvest and mankind will be all the richer for the variety and distinctiveness of the offerings”. Efforts then will be made at reducing the cost of art works during the festival. Too, resource persons will be made to present papers and give talks. But, in the main, the festival would be for showcasing for purchase at a reduced fee and appreciation (monetary inclusive) of many and different kinds of arts.