CALP Award Ceremonies

CALP Award Ceremonies will be put together in highly organized ways. The administrative staff of The CALP will have flexible dress codes on the day or night of the award ceremony. Musicians and other entertainments during the award ceremony will be dressed in different but exotic dress codes. Invitations would be extended to really distinguished personalities in the world to grace the occasion, including past presidents of countries, great literary practitioners, public figures who are lovers of art, great achievers, especially those linked with Chinua Achebe. To espouse liberalism somewhat, the public will be notified early enough to apply, and on how to go about it, to be a part of the glittering international occasion. And then there would a healthy scrutiny of the applications based on certain criteria, during which some would be accepted and others turned down. Lots of other formalized processes could be injected and entrenched in the programme’s annual ritual. And, by and by, there would be modifications made to them.