Architect Chukwudi Eze

Vice-chairman, Chinua Achebe Literary Prize Committee

Chukwudi Eze, an architect, attended St. Gregory’s College, Lagos for his High School education. He graduated with triple honors and a Phi-Beta Kappa for his undergraduate degree from Vassar College, received the William Kinne Award during his Master’s degree at Columbia University in New York and studied Creative Writing at the University of Toronto. Eze is the designer of Africa’s first Presidential Library in Abeokuta and a design team member for the Enyimba Economic City in Abia State, among other distinguished works. He won a the 1993 African Guardian Magazine’s International Essay Competition: To Make Nigeria Safe for Democracy and won the Nigerian Youth Service Corps’ Merit Award. Eze is a frequent Op- Ed contributor to Nigeria’s major Newspapers and a time member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also a member of the Canadian Authors Association, the Association of Nigerian Authors and sits on the Advisory Board of the Abuja Literary Society. He is the Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors Headquarters Land Committee. Eze is the Author of five books: The Positive dream Actualizer, 1996; Yes Lord, 2002; Uchechi- The Triumph of Love, 2011; Leadership Stories of Mother Hen, 2006 and expanded edition, 2012; The Return of Half-Something, 2018. His work has been long and shortlisted for the following literary prizes: The Association of Nigerian Authors Literary Prize (2018), The LNG Nigerian Prize for Literature (2021) and the Chinua Achebe Prize for Literature (2021).